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max payne 3 cheats pc

Unlockables max payne 3 cheats pc

Unlock finish the showed undertaking to open the relating reward. Note: Cheats prepared when you play every level with the "Level select" choice. Counteract enact tricks profits gained.

Exchange ensembles: Successfully finish Story mode on Medium or higher challenge to fifteen by Max ensembles opening storyline.

"Element Select" choice in arcade mode: Successfully finish story mode on the medium trouble setting.

Examplary / Old School Max Black & White: Get a "Platinum" rank in all parts in New York Minute mode.

Down to business trouble: Successfully finish Story mode under the hard trouble.

Max Payne Extended Character Model: Successfully finish Story mode on the old school trouble. This is a terrible Max Payne, on the Game Boy Advance form.

New York Minute mode in Arcade mode: Successfully finish Story mode on any trouble.

Outdated trouble: Successfully finish Story mode under the hard trouble.

One Hit Kill: Successfully finish Story mode on Hardcore trouble.

Unrestricted Ammo: Collect every one of the pieces Golden Gun.

Vast Matrix: Earn a "Gold" decoration score on each level in Arcade mode.

Unrestricted painkillers: Successfully finish Story mode under the hard trouble setting with unhindered Wi- Aim.

max payne 3 cheats pc: Resplendent Gun areas

Looking in the specified areas all Golden Guns:

Part 1

Resplendent PT92 Part # 1: It's on the left side of the hall, with the window, instantly after the summation of the excercise.

Brilliant PT92 Part # 2: After the lift down to the entryway, its on the right side of the hallway, close to the plants by the window.

Brilliant PT92 Part 3: In the second territory of ​​the parking space after the opening of the first door to the right side of B01 stopping.

Section 2

Gold .38 Revolver Part # 1: It's in the beginning region, old-fashioned of the DJs. Clear the room, then climb the work area to get.

Gold Mini- 30 Part # 1: It's out of date in the VIP room.

Gold .38 Revolver Part # 2: If you come to possessor of the club, its on the left, old-fashioned of the DJs. To achieve it, accompany the stairs to the left and with the entryway.

Gold Mini- 30 Part # 2: When you drop in the club parlor following leaving the kitchen, you can be in a round room. It is in the center part of the chamber, at one of the tables.

Gold Mini- 30 Part # 3: If the chase for the helicopter shoot- out again, falling down the stairs to the helipad, and transform right into a minor room to give. It is on the ground in the vicinity of a white bank.

Gold .38 Revolver Part 3: How do you chase Fabiana on the top, you will come to ask around a colossal red mark on a stage, you need to go around. It is on the other side of this stage.

Area 3

Resplendent M10 Part # 1: It's in the recording room, by the zoom lens on the ground. The recording room is close to the zone where the wounded hoodlum analyze you.

Resplendent M2A1 Part # 1: It's in the keepsakes in the room, by default. The destination is an impressive publication of a soccer crew.

Resplendent M10 Part # 2: If you discover the first Passos expert sharpshooters slaughtered and blanket, check the base column of the cheap seats.

Resplendent M10 Part 3: It is the trophy room on the left, obsolete seats at the window.

Resplendent M2A1 Part # 2: When you attempt on the other side of the state to see fall down and search for the left side of the stand, keeping in mind the end goal to discover a corner. You ought to be exceptionally quick in recovering or Passos is the armaments and you will kick the bucket.

Brilliant M2A1 Part 3: After discovering the whereabouts of Fabiana and kill you head off to the second marksman, you will traverse an additional foot, come to achieve the tower needs. Head off upstairs and head off to the right to find them at the close of the line in the corner. You should move from spread to blanket, or shot you generally.

Section 4

Brilliant 1911 Part 1: It's the starting of the section in the crotch. Clean the range, and searching for the final seat.

Brilliant 1911 Part 2: Take the stairs close to the pool table, which point to the lobby to the left to them.

Brilliant 1911 Part 3: After leaving the bar and erasing the patio, back to where you began. Look under the stairs you took the staff to find him.

Brilliant M500 Part 1: Max pad, close to the table close to the window.

Brilliant SAF 40 CAL Part # 1: When you drop in the constructing to break, drop around there wrecked by eruption Brewer. On the right side is a residence close to the stairs. Getting a load of the residence on the ground in the vicinity of this spot.

Resplendent M500 Part # 2: When you achieve the top, turn right at the passage. Turn right to achieve an impasse. Attempt to find on the ground.

Resplendent SAF 40 CAL Part # 2: After you fall down from the water tower for a brisk time occasion, Passos show up and request that you accompany him. As a substitute for taking after him, left, and investigate the other side of the top. It is found on a deadlock.

Resplendent M500 Part 3: Look for a concealed entry on the left side on the second ground of the harmed fabricating. It is proposed that you settle initially, and after that search for the corridor to find outdated.

Resplendent SAF 40 CAL Part 3: After clearing the carport, look to the room to the left to find it on the work table.
Chapter 5

    Gold Micro 9MM Part 1: After leaving the second hangar, turn right and follow the track. It is on top of the crates you come across. Climb the crates to find them.

    Gold Micro 9MM Part 2: After leaving the hangar where Fabiana was tortured, straight ahead, then turn around. It is at the gate. Around the corner of the building

    Gold Micro 9MM Part 3: If you encounter enemies in the garage and see Fabiana onslaught in the first kill the enemies who seek to find in the upper deck.

    Golden LMG 0.30 Part 1: After leaving the garage, across the courtyard, enter another building. In the rear of the building are various containers. It is in one of the containers.

    Golden LMG 0.30 Part 2: go to after crossing the harbor and the deletion of the first area, through the gate, and you will have a booth for you. Go inside to find it behind the barrels.

    Golden LMG 0.30 Part 3: After activating the walkway, go to the docks, and on the left side, looking for a small office. Go around it and follow the platforms to reach another dead end and find the part.

Chapter 6

    Golden MD-97L Part # 1: If you are in control of Max Payne, kill the enemies in the middle, you will find the office on the left, to find it behind the desk.

    Golden MD-97L Part # 2: Do not use the security system, go to the office of the Bronco, through the garden. After a conversation with Bronco (Rodrigo), turn around, and look at the waterfall, on the floor.

    Golden MD-97L Part 3:. Lobby, the research model, standard on the right side Destroy retrieve the glass pane.

Chapter 7

    Golden corny Part 1: Looking to find the bathroom on the Strip.

    Golden hackneyed Part 2: After the QTE when you get down in the fight against enemies, look left behind a door.

    Golden SPAS-15 Part # 1: look at some crates near a door on the left after reaching the other side of the hall. It is behind the boxes.

    Golden SPAS-15 Part # 2: Once you go through a gate that triggers a cutscene, to see the iron sites on the right side. It is behind the decks.

    Golden SPAS-15 Part 3: After the jump from the edge, it's behind the wall. Before him, a sanctuary (wall). The first time the shrine Claudio apply it at the end of the road find.

    Golden hackneyed Part 3: Once caught and kills the enemies look just before the exit to the stairs, to the left to find them.

Chapter 8

Other features ...

    Gold Auto 9MM Part # 1: After you meet Passos in the cemetery, you will come down stairs. On the right side of the staircase are crypts. It is for them.

    Golden Bull 608 Part 1: Kill the enemies in the vicinity of the car. It is on the right side of the tomb, which is higher than the other.

    Gold Auto 9MM Part # 2: If you come to a set of urns around you, take the passage on the right side. It is at the end, to replace an urn.

    Golden Bull 608 Part 2:. After saving Passos and kill the enemies to the grave, for the reputation of the sarcophagus

    Gold Auto 9MM Part 3: Turn right after his escape from the grave room, and left the building. On the right side is a small room. It is on the ground.

    Golden Bull 608 Part 3: After the cutscene in the church, it is on the floor under the ministry of the priest in front of you.

Chapter 9

    Golden DE 0.50 Part 1: After the second film, and the killing of the paramilitary units that you will encounter later on, down the stairs and to the left. Look for a house where the second floor was destroyed and the first is green. Find the entrance to the house to find it.

    Golden M972 Part 1: After meeting with a corpse on the steps while you make your way to the next street, you will come across a woman who runs away from you, and enters the room. Find the bathroom to find it. It is the building where Max is running slow.

    Golden M972 Part # 2: After the fall through the roof when you have completed the helicopter QTE, you will leave the building. It is on the left side of the road, next to stairs.

    Golden DE 0.50 Part # 2: If you see paramilitaries accompany the inhabitants, from the back, on the left, look at the two tires and a rim. It is behind them.

    Golden M972 Part 3: When you find the impasse reached after crossing the house with the green carpet at the door to see on the left side on the floor.

    Golden DE 0.50 Part 3: After crossing the balcony and reach the other side of the road, you will come across a wooden bridge. On the front is a hidden area. Feed by means of the gate on the left side. It is on the ground.

Chapter 10

    Golden FAL Part # 1: At the beginning of the chapter when the sniper kill on the roof, in order, because we on the right side of the scrap yard, without the bus roof.

    Golden M4 Super 90 Part 1: Enter to find the car in the garage.

    Golden M4 Super 90 Part # 2: Let the state after saving Giovanna. Instead of steps, check to see the bench.

    Golden FAL Part 2: looking to find after removing the next area for the bus.

    Golden M4 Super 90 Part 3: Once you get into the next building and delete the second floor, the office is located on the other side on the right side. It is on the table next to the desk.

    Golden FAL Part # 3: After reaching the bottom, take the paramilitary man, and he came out to look at the office. It's behind the counter.

Chapter 11

    Golden Super Sport Part 1: Make your way to the back of the restaurant and the kitchen. Once inside, look for the ground to find it.

    Golden Super Sport Part 2:. After removing the deck, go to the dead end on the right side It is on the ground.

    Golden AK-47 Part 1: When you reach the upper bridge and cross the bar have, you open Max whine about control every inch of the boat after the two doors, allowing you to hear the bridge. Instead of up, look at a painting on the left side with a hidden safe. Shooting out of the wall. Open to find the vault. Then leave and go straight towards the harbor.

    Golden AK-47 Part 2: After enter the harbor, turn left. Turn the enemy tower, you go to find the deadlock.

    Golden Super Sport Part 3: Make the landing area after crossing the canal, turn left and right, on the corner next to the entrance.

    Golden AK-47 Part 3:. After opening the door, stairs to the second floor At the entrance to a small balcony looking to the right. Here he is.

Chapter 12

    Golden RPG Part # 1: On the second floor of the destroyed building to see the bathrooms to the left to find them.

    Golden FMP G3s Part # 1: During the fighting on the second floor of the building, you will come across a hall to the left and one room on the right side. Look for a box in the hall. It's behind us.

    Golden RPG Part # 2: If you are on the second floor in the hallway, looking in the first room on the right side. It is through the destroyed wall.

    Golden FMP G3s Part # 2: In the starting area of ​​the third floor, kill the enemies in the area, and check the desk on the right side of the room. Find find the hinterland.

    Golden FMP G3s Part 3: In the next area you are looking for the cutscene with Serrano and the physician the right and look for a brown sofa. It's behind us.

    Golden RPG Part # 3: After escaping from the sniper in the building across the street, the next gate and turn around. From the entrance on the right side of the destroyed balcony, and they are looking in the vicinity of the wall.

Chapter 13

    Golden MPK Part 1: After escaping from the starting area, you will reach the prison through the corridor. If you do, then left in the direction to find a small shelf.

    Golden Law Part # 1: In prison, on the floor, behind the wall. Turn right when you see the prison.

    Golden Law Part # 2: After entering the police station again (after the destruction of the armored vehicle and killing the police), in search of a trash container on the left side of the entrance. It's behind us.

    Golden G6 Commando Part # 1: Make your way through the building and out. Kill the police, and turn right. They come over a wall. Seeking to find the ground behind the wall.

    Golden MPK Part # 2: It's in the shower of the classroom.

    Golden G6 Commando Part # 2: Find the kitchen into the next area. One of the serving agency.

    Golden G6 Commando Part 3: Upon receipt of the previous section, cross the hall, and see the office on the right. It is on the ground.

    Golden City MPK Part 3: Cross the corridor to the meeting room after the previous section. Turn right as you enter and search the area to find it.

    Golden Law Part 3: During the fight in the area of ​​training, you will be targeting zone. After you select the field, then left at the entrance to find on the ground.

Chapter 14

    Golden Rotary Grenade Launcher Part 1: After removing the first area, look on the platform of the baggage loader.

    Golden Rotary Grenade Launcher Part # 2: After the first part, take the stairs to the next floor. From the entrance on the right side, and you need to see the part. Jump on the platforms to get it.

    Golden Rotary Grenade Launcher Part 3: It's in the shower in the bathroom.

    Golden RPD Part # 1: It's the end of the balcony, on the left, the terminals' on the second floor.

    Golden RPD Part 2: After deleting the terminal, look on the left side of the ground floor, near the exit. It is located behind a small desk, on the left side while. Compared to baseline

    Golden RPD Part 3: If the train stops, the back of the train. It is on the ground.

Clue locations

Find the locations to find all the clues:

Chapter 1

    Tip # 1 - Celebrity Magazine: It is left on the table in the living room, next to the bank, with many bottles of wine.

    Clue # 2 - Fallen Photo: During Follow Rodrigo (attempt to save him), if you leave the garage, because it looks at the floor.

Chapter 2

    Tip # 1 - Dead Soccer Star: Find a body in white lying on the floor. It is in the VIP area of ​​the club, to the left of the stairs, behind a table.

    Clue # 2 - Nightclub Flyers: It's in the VIP lounge, on the right side of the bar, while overlooking the stairs to the next floor.

    Clue # 3 - Ex-Cop: When you exit through a door that you are free of charge through the bath after removing the second floor of the club, then three doors, but only one. Open it to find an ex-cop hide.

    Clue # 4 - torn dress piece: looking to find in the same bath as above, right above the sink.

    Clue # 5 - Portuguese newspaper: When you walk into the kitchen after the neighborhood, looking for the right to find it on the radio.

    Clue # 6 - Giovanna Necklace: After removing the roof to remain in the building. When you come down the stairs down to see on the ground to find it.

Section 3

    Note # 1 - Picture Of Victor: After removing the first area in the stadium, look for the office next to the doctor's office. Look on the right side to find the wall.

    Clue # 2 - Blood Stained Door: While after Passos, when you enter the first elevator to see a white door on the left. The bloodstain on the door.

    Clue # 3 - Blood Stained Hall: After the escape of the first sniper, follow the tunnel to the right. Turn the hall, then look for a spot of blood on one of the pillars.

    Clue # 4 - Soccer Star Memorial: In the trophy room, it's near where you leave the area.

Chapter 4

    Look for a small table by the window at the home of Max Payne: NYPD badge Max - Note # 1. It's on the table.

    Clue # 2 and # 3 - Brewer journal, newspaper clippings: After escaping from the sniper, when a pirate sacrifices himself to save boy around you to get to his apartment to look for clues. It is on a desk, and another is located at the entrance to the bathroom.

Chapter 5

    Tip # 1 - Helicopter Parking: At the beginning of the chapter follow the track. The helicopter is standing in the yard behind the fence.

    Clue # 2 - Ransom Note: In the next screen, where you can watch the recording of Fabiana.

    Clue # 3 - Video Camera: After reaching the hangar, where they tortured Fabiana, examines the camera.

    Clue # 4 - Branco Family Photo: When you see Fabiana crashed into the garage, in the chamber below the upper deck. It is the room where you store the key on the wall to leave the hangar. It is on the table to the left.

    Clue # 5 - Boathouse newspaper: Leave the garage and enter through the courtyard to another building. You'll notice a poker table next cage. It is in the cage on the floor. Turn around and enter the room in the same building.

    Clue # 6 - Night Club Floor Plans: Open the door to the room above, to find a table for you. It is in this table.

Chapter 6

    Tip # 1 - file to Fabiana: At the beginning of the chapter, you look at an office on the right.

    Clue # 2 - Rodrigo E-mail: After retrieving the file, looking for a laptop around the office on the left. Check the e-mail on this laptop.

    Clue # 3 - Architectural Models: testing the model on the left in the conference room.

    Clue # 4 - School pictures: On the right side of the hall are three types of school photos. Examine the images to gain insight into the matter.

    Clue # 5 - Dead IT Guy: After turning the terrorism, the body behind him in order to find a clue.

Chapter 7

    Note # 1 - Ex-Cop: The ex-cop in the bathroom of the club, the first chapter in search of a phone and a gun on the street.

    Clue # 2 - Picture Of Serrano: After finding intel on Neves and Milo Rego Wilson da Silva on striptease bar, you will be attacked. After killing the enemies on the screen Mr. Da Silva look left.

    Clue # 3 - Tourist: Search to find the space to the left, at the exit, a tourist under the bed. Interacting with him will result in a movie.

    Clue # 4 - The Gang Spray Day: If you come across a blue tag on closed doors, in search of a graffiti painting on the left side with a gang. Research for the designation.

    Clue # 5 - Middle Corridor Spray Day: Searching for the exit of the train car, for naming behind a large gate. It is a painting of three armed men.

    Clue # 6 - Shrine To Claudio: You come on while they are in the streets. It's actually a wall tribute to Claudio.

    Clue # 7 - Flyers by Giovanna: When you reach the back yard after clearing the enemies on the roof, it's on the floor, on the right side.

    Clue # 8 - Bag oxidado: After the cutscene where Max gang members noticed a party to come to the house and look for some drugs at the door.

    Clue # 9 - Upper Corridor Spray Day: After the destruction of the drug lab and return to the streets in search of another graffiti on the wall.

Chapter 8

    Tip # 1 - Valerie Tombstone: The right side of the Iron Gate is a grave stone. Examine the box on top of this stone.

    Clue # 2 - Nicole Mausoleum: After rescuing Passos, look around the mausoleum.

    Clue # 3 - Vinnie Tombstone: After the cutscene where Max digs his grave, kill all in this area, and look for the mausoleum. It is newer than the other.

Chapter 9

    Tip # 1 - Dead Gang Members: The dead gang members in the first building you enter.

    Clue # 2 - Dead UFE members: physical examination that while driving down the stairs when you get to meet the next street.

    Clue # 3 - Dead Residents: Examine the body of the occupant led the agents.

Chapter 10

    Note # 1 - Office newspaper: After opening the gate to the next area, follow Giovanna and yard. Check the office on the right at the gates. It is on the desk.

    Clue # 2 - Ad Campaign Posters: There is a large poster of Camila Machado at the bottom of the stairs.

Chapter 11

    Tip # 1 - Notes on Max: When the chapter starts, turn the scale and cross the hall to the other room. It is on the cabinet in the area of ​​the shower.

    Clue # 2 - Passos' Bed: When you enter the room Passos, you can find it in the vicinity of the bed.

    Clue # 3 - Blood Trail: You will see a hatch open when you keep the engines to escape the room. Before going outside. Looking for the blood stain on the ground for the expulsion

    Clue # 4 - Waste newspaper: The place where the three pirates in the vicinity of the wall, a round table. The newspaper is. First, look there, look at the wall.

    Clue # 5 - pried Wall: You will see the following message at the location where you found the previous finding. Check carefully to find the broken wall of the pirates.

    Clue # 6 - Daphne Passport: If you are at the designated corridor, it is the first room on the right side on the table.

    Clue # 7 - Daphne Jewelry Box, Go (watch out for the enemies) to bed down the hall, and look on the shelf.

    Clue # 8 - Center display: It is after climbing the stairs. Examine the two statues.

Chapter 12

    Tip # 1 - Gurney: Immediately after the cutscene, examine the beds.

    Clue # 2 - Ammo Crate: Move After collecting the first clue, forward, and when you go to the depot, the room on the left. Investigate the brown case on the ground.

    Clue # 3 - Wall Photos: From the first bar to turn right. They are hanging in a room on the wall.

    Clue # 4 - Passos' ID card: In the same room, examine where the former designation, the note next to the couch. Then go to the third floor by breaking the door down the hall.

    Clue # 5 - newspaper article: investigate After reaching the restaurant, the bar on the left to read the newspaper.

    Clue # 6 - Fiscal: Go back into the room where the C4, to find it on the shelf.

Chapter 13

    Tip # 1 - Tourist: Talk in the tourist prison.

    Clue # 2 - Prison Login: Once you have killed the police to go inside to find it on the other side.

    Clue # 3 - Promissory: from the kitchen floor to go to the office to find it on the table.

    Clue # 4 - Political Folder: On the fifth floor, when you are on the second checkpoint to find the office search on the right side.

    Clue # 5 - E-File On Da Silva: The notebook is in the same office where the above statement.

    Clue # 6 - Flak Jacket: After the QTE over snipers, do not open the safe until you next door to examine the bullet-proof vest in the locker room.

Chapter 14

    Note # 1 - Ex-Cop: Go to the bathroom (during the hallways), the ex-cop looking inside.

Easy "amid the ruins" performance

Around the middle of Chapter 6, the five models in the boardroom destroy the "midst of the ruins" to get power.

Easy "Out The Window" performance

At the beginning of Chapter 2, six kills received while diving through the VIP window. Move the crosshairs slowly when it comes close to an enemy, then move faster if you go to the next enemy. If you do not get the "Out The Window" performance, again from the checkpoint until you get it.
Easy "So Much For Being Subtle" success

Around the middle of Chapter 7, nine shoot enemies while they're pulled from the chain. The closest enemy you die with a single bullet in the chest, but the last few require further away can get the focus on a head shot. If you do not get the "So Much For Being Subtle" success, keep restarting from the checkpoint until you get it.
Easy "Sometimes you get lucky" performance

At the end of Chapter 12 (for about 15 seconds to restart after the checkpoint), run to the next opponent. You must be in sight of the enemy, when the shaking starts, so that you get a larger area with a head shot. Either the enemies to damage enough to make you slow down a sudden death, and everything is, you have to dodge or shoot the time to slow down. Keep close to the enemy the chance to shoot him in the head to increase. If you fail to get shot in the head, again and again start from the checkpoint until the power "Sometimes you get lucky."

Easy "The only choice Data" success

In Chapter 10, while hanging from the chain, shoot eight enemies. If you do not get "the only choice Data" performance, restart from the checkpoint to keep up.
Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement to unlock. To your achievements and stats in Steam view, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    A few hundred bullets back: Use every weapon in the game.
    A license to kill: Collect all Gold Guns.
    A New York Minute: Finish in a New York minute.
    All of the above: Complete all single player grinds.
    Also on board: A Trigger Bullet Cam On The Zipline [FREE AIM].
    Amid the rubble: Destroy All models in the boardroom.
    An echo from the past: Search All Clues.
    Colder Then The Devil's Heart: Kill 30 enemies in 2 minutes.
    Dearest of all my friends: Kill someone on your friends list.
    Deathmatch Challenge: winners in a public deathmatch.
    Feel The Payne: Complete Story [MEDIA].
    Full Monty: Do one of each game mode including all Gang Wars.
    Grave robbers: Looted a body.
    It was chaos and luck: you 6 kills while driving the Pushcart [FREE AIM].
    It is the fear that gives men wings: 10 Bullet Time Kills in a row.
    Man of many faces: Unlock all Faction characters.
    Man with many weapons: Unlock all weapons.
    Max Payne Invitational: Invite someone to play through the in-game list.
    Max Payne: The Complete Story [OLD SCHOOL].
    A Bullet In A Time: 300 headshots.
    Out The Window: Get 6 kills while diving through the VIP window [FREE AIM].
    Complete Part I: Complete Part I of the story.
    Complete Part II: Complete Part II of the story.
    Complete Part III: Complete Part III of the story.
    Review The Point Of No Return: Take 100 painkillers.
    Payne Charms: Kill 100 other players.
    Payne In The Ass: Complete Story [HARDCORE].
    Major Payne: The Complete Story [HOT].
    So Much For Being Subtle: Route 9 Kills pulled by a chain during [FREE AIM].
    Something Wicked This Way Comes: Route 7 enemies when jumping out of the rickety boat [FREE AIM].
    Sometimes you get lucky: Get A Headshot rooftop tremor.
    Certainly know how to A Place Tip: Discover all tourist sites.
    Sweep: Gang Wars Team Flawless Victory.
    The old familiar feeling: Disable the Hall of lasers.
    The fear of losing it: Survive a level without painkillers.
    The Gambler: Won a bet.
    The One Eyed Man Is King: Cover Passos With Perfect Aim.
    Given the only choice: Get 8 kills while hanging on a chain [FREE AIM].
    Behind me the Road-Kill: Overall everything on the labor market.
    The shadow Rushed Me: Open and complete New York Minute Hardcore.
    To complete training: Reach level 50 rank
    Trouble came to me: Clear everyone on the bus.
    With practiced Bravado: 100 Kills shoot Dodge.
    You could hurt someone with The Shoot 10 Airborne grenades.
    You play, you pay, you bastard: 100 enemies with melee weapons.
    Press a man Too Far: Do not shoot the Dis-Armed Man

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